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Bunker on irc

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bunkergaming can now be found on IRC

how to get on IRC :

- Get an IRC client, there are various IRC providers Windows-logo.pngmIRC, Windows-logo.pngChatzilla, Feature-icon-crossplatform.png Xchat
- you have to select a server, select Quakenet random server
- join a channel by putting in a line command: /join #[name]

current channels

# Channel Irc Quakenet
1 bunkergaming #bunkergaming
2 bunker1 #bunker1
3 bunker2 #bunker2
4 bunker7 #bunker7
5 bunker8 #bunker8

warning ask channel operator for voice

some of you want join irc, but how hide your host, just check the tutorial here :

register: Q-help page

What you need to do is to type a message to Q and give your email adress two times. As example: /msg Q HELLO

NoteReplace the email adress with your real email.

  • Then check your email and you should receive a password.
  • With this password you can then authenticate/identify. This is called 'to auth'.
  • When you received your password you can identify to the Q-bot and type: /msg AUTH username password
  • The username is your name when you said HELLO to Q, the password was sent to the email you have provided before. When it was successful you are logged in and the Qbot knows it is you.
  • Last step is to tell Q to hide your host. To do this you type: /mode username +x
  • username is your nickname you are using then. Probably it will be /mode blabla +x

To get more familiar with quakenet check the General FAQ and IRC Faq

Security on QuakeNet

Over at Quakenet we thought we should remind you, our users, of a few important things that affect your security when using our network. We take security very seriously, and although we work very hard to ensure our users are as safe as possible, you yourselves can take measures against auth phishers and generally nasty people.

Hide your IP Address

This is an often overlooked feature - but if you hide your IP address, people will not be able to do anything nasty to you (such as denial of service attacks) unless they get your IP address from somewhere else.Simply use /mode yournickname +x when authed to Q to hide your IP.

Phishing attacks

Unfortunately there are nasty people out there who would love to steal the password to your Q account and probably any channels you own. Of course, Q reminds you every time that you should not give your Q account password to ANYONE, not even Quakenet Staff. Please ignore any messages you get asking you to change your password. Report these to #help immediately and we can deal with them for you. Also, please do not type any strange looking commands, if you do not understand what a command does - do not type it! Ask #help if in doubt.