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Bunker Teamspeak

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Bunker TeamSpeak
  • Server Address: or

TeamSpeak Rules

The following rules apply on the BunkerGaming TeamSpeak server' (, and must be followed by all participants. A violation of any of these rules could lead to being kicked or banned from the TeamSpeak server.


TeamSpeak Misconduct includes but is not limited to the following offenses, and repeated offenses can lead to being kicked or banned from the TeamSpeak server:

  • Excessive swearing/cursing/lewdness in any language
  • Meaningfully insulting a player by calling him/her names, making racist/sexist comments, etc
  • Making real-life threats by any means available
  • Playing music loud enough that others can hear it (only allowed with the consent of the others participating)
  • Screaming/yelling into the microphone
  • Spamming with text messages
  • Making incomprehensible/strange noises with your microphone
  • Failing to adjust your microphone so your background noises are muted out

Registration & Microphone Adjustments:

A. Registering with TeamSpeak means that you can connect to the server with a login name and password, we always
know that it's you and not an imposter, and you get to keep any administrative privileges you may have had when
you log back on. 
To do so, find a player with "SA" behind their name, meaning they're a Server Admin. Talk to
him/her and ask nicely if they'll let you register with the server. If he/she does, your "Flags" will change from
"None" to "Allowed to Register with Server". 
Then you just need to open the menu titled "Self" and select "Register
with Server". Enter any login name and password you desire, then hit Ok and you're registered. The next time you
want to connect, select "Registered" instead of "Anonymous" on the "Connect" menu, and voila! You're all set.
B. To configure your microphone properly, open up Settings > Sound Input/Output Settings. The output volume is how loud
your voice will be heard by others, so if they're having trouble hearing you, set it farther to the right. 
What you choose for "Voice Send Method" determines how you'll talk  either by simply talking or by pressing a key you set
to talk. It's recommended that you use the "Push to talk" feature, since this ensures no one will hear your background noises.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is Teamspeak?
A:  TeamSpeak is a quality, scalable application which enables people to speak with one another over the Internet.
  • Q: How Do I Get Teamspeak?
A:  Download it here
  • Q: How Do I Use Teamspeak?
A:  Open TeamSpeak, Connection > Quick Connect > Enter the IP (i.e., your nickname, the optional login name and the optional password. Voilà, you're on Bunker's TS.
  • Q: What do all the letters next to names mean?
A: The letters represent each users privilages.  Here is a list of the various letter codes. 

   F        = Friend 
   W        = Weed Smoker (Super Friend)
   M        = Member
   C        = Channel Admin 
   A        = Admin 
   O        = Old Retired Fart
   S        = Server Admin
   S (grey) = Server Owner