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Axis Lab
Axis Lab
Ico ET.gif Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Subscriber-inessential.png Author(s) : =N4RC= Smokey & Hobbie
Notes-icone-9348-32.png Version : Final
Glob-v2-48x48.png Website :


Briefing.png Map Story

The Axis are guarding a top secret chemical weapons laboratory working on equipping long range missiles with deadly poisons, but most importantly it also houses the Germans first prototype of a nuclear bomb. The Allies must repair the old truck, infiltrate the facility and escort the nuke out to the truck and drive it safely to the allied line.

Map Objectives

Allies.png Allied Objectives

  1. Plant dynamite at the entrances to gain access to the lab.
  2. Repair and escort the truck to the hilltop.
  3. Repair the Elevator Generator to escort the nuke out of the lab.
  4. Dynamite the door to the nuke.
  5. Move the nuke into the elevator and then to the truck waiting on the hilltop.
  6. Escort the truck and the nuke safely to the allied lines.
  7. Prevent the Axis from fortifying their position with a Command Post inside the radio room.
  8. Build a Command Post in the West Cabin.

Axis.png Axis Objectives

  1. Stop the Allies from dynamiting and gaining access to the lab.
  2. Stop the Allies repairing the truck and escorting it to the hilltop.
  3. Prevent the Allies from accessing the elevator by destroying the elevator generator.
  4. Stop the Allies from destroying the door to the nuke.
  5. Stop the Allies from taking the nuke.
  6. Prevent the Allies from escaping with the nuke in the truck.
  7. Set up a Command Post inside the radio room.
  8. Prevent the Allies from building a Command Post.

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