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Creating and Anchorage

How to Build

a. grab any fleet which is traveling, and contains the following ship types:

-Engineering Crew
-Construction Equipment
-Sensory Array
-Remote Communications Relay

NOTE: as of Jun 26, 2008 , we will add another requirement for military anchorage construction, which is a ZETTE ship in your fleet. This gives the military anchorage special features

and STOP it in mid-flight.

b. You will then see, in the fleet movement screen. a new tab on the left, which allows you to enter a name, and CREATE ANCHORAGE.

c. IMPORTANT, there are 2 types of anchorages: TRADING, and MILITARY (also known as PRIVATE) Trading anchorages will be used to sell/buy ore/ships/propulsion/extra technology/other items , and will not be able to be destroyed. It is intended that Trading anchorages do not allow military combat vessel-containing fleets to dock (i.e. they will be automatically disbanded, and put up for sale/auction)

d. Your menu will then refresh to the fleet orders screen, where you have to then "DOCK" the fleet (I did not automatically dock them, on purpose)

e. After this, once you have created your first Anchorage, a new TAB will appear in the SHIPS submenu up top on the left.

f. you will notice the anchorage looks a bit different in the star charts.


What is an anchorage

An Anchorage serves the purpose of "meeting point between fleets".

We have set limits on the space ports of the LSP's, cause of the cost involved in maintaining a huge dock in LEO (Low Earth Orbit).

Ergo, the Anchorage is now the way to mix and match ships to build your super fleets.

You just create an Anchorage in a strategic location, and it can do: Refueling / Propulsion Upgrades (if it is close enough to an LSP, t.b.d. how close) Weapon upgrades Disband Fleets, and Recreate Super fleets.

An anchorage can simply be taken over by an enemy if there are no fleets protecting it (like a Mining Outpost)

trading anchorages

Rules of engagement, trading anchorages.

A trading anchorage serves the obvious purpose, it contains:

- WAREHOUSES - to trade military combat vessels or other ships
- STOCKPILES - to trade ore
- CELLS - to trade slaves (abused colonists)

Fleet Rules:

If any fleet containing "combat" vessels approaches a trading anch,

  1. if the fleet owner and anch owner are the same, the fleet gets options:
  2. split fleet, combat vessels go to warehouse for selling
  3. leave , if he does not leave within X turns, fleet gets automagically split (so they cannot serve as defense)
  4. if the fleet owner is an ally of the anch owner, fleet owner gets options:
  5. trade split , owner gets paid (using alliance discount) for all combat ships, which go to warehouse, fleet remains orbitting and docked, sans combat vessels
  6. leave (with the same auto/split)
  7. if the fleet owner and anch owner are from different alliances, or no alliance whatsoever,
  8. trade split: anch owner and fleet owner arrange a price, starting at 90% of normal fleet cost (for combat vessels only), using a percent selector, until both match
  9. fleet can remain there until price is arranged, however, fleet is moved 1LY away, so it does not count as docked, or orbiting, so it cannot be used for defense, or cannot be attacked while parked, etc. (it can be intercepted when we get that working though)



An anchorage can be

  1. PUBLIC (Public Anchorages are used to TRADE: Ore, Ships, Propulsion Systems, Weapons)
  2. PRIVATE (Private Anchorages can be destroyed)


sabotage crew requirements

To be able to sabotage an anchorage, you need the following crew:

Ship Types:

Engineering Construction Crew
Electronic Countermeasures Pod

Your Raider crew carries the destruction device, the Engineers get you inside the Anchorage through the desired entry point the ECM pod protects your team from being discovered as you approach the anchorage (watch your speed!)

sabotage success and scoring

This here is to give a broad idea of the possible success, and the reward the player can get, when sabotaging an anchorage:

Device used:

Acid -- less chances of destruction, more points
Thermate -- less points, more chances
Mininuke -- easy to get caught, easy to destroy, low points
EMP flash bomb -- not easy to get caught, anchorage can be reactivated eventually, low points
Korbomite -- easy to get caught, easy to destroy, good points

Method of Infiltration:

Heat Exchangers -- difficult to get caught, less points
Refuse Ducts -- little more points
Maintenance Port -- easier to get caught, more points
Ship Repair Dock -- really easy to get caught, top points
Communication Cowl -- can scramble signal to confuse enemy, dunno, maybe

Now, the modifiers, (we need to edit them out after finetuning)
case 1:
case 2:
case 3:
case 4:
case 5:

case 1:
case 2:
case 3:
case 4:
case 5:


captains mission

A captain is a fleet commander which can be hired at any military anchorage, and will remain with your fleet.

As your fleet combats, the captain will gain Experience Points (related to the score you get on each battle).

The more XP he gets, the more advantage he will have in his successive battles, as the fleet's combat ability is improved.

titor device

titor intro

Titor is a time traveler who appeared on our timeline around November 2000.

In his honor we have dedicated a device to him, by naming it "THE TITOR DEVICE"

Although the device is extremely complicated, its function is very simple: This device allows fleets equipped with the Quantum Offset Propulsion System , to perform SPATIAL DISPLACEMENTS, i.e. travel from titor device , to other titor devices instantly.

titor device travel

This here is a full example of Titor Device Travel I have used this example to demonstrate how to "relocate" some colonists, which is something you will need to do, once you get deep into the game.