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50+ Tips and Tricks

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Tips and Tricks that may help you get better. I think there is information here that could help most players, as well as trademark tricks/things that I do that I could pass on to some. And some of these things are real obvious to some, but also has info newer players may not think about.

50+ Tips and Tricks

1. Learn how to run backwards fast and thru terrain you memorize in reverse, or think in reverse direction.

2. Learn to run and move even if your aim is facing in another direction than your moving in. Your upper torso and gun should be considered a tank turret, that can rotate while your moving in any direction.

3. Realize that grenades are thrown from your right hand, and right side of the body. This means that your body could 90% be behind a wall or crate etc, and to throw a nade your arm only needs to be past the wall. You get into a totally new realm of grenade skills when you think in terms of the nade not being thrown from the middle of your body, but rather from your right arm and shoulder. Dont let someone see you with a nade out--instead hide it by facing the other way or staying behind a wall or crate etc and only letting them see the nade as your throwing it when its primed and too late for them.

4. Priming nades properly so when they are dropped, the target doesnt have time to react or jump or dodge.

5. Utilize push in a knife or poison fight--the enemy usually keeps charging in after you push them away when they are trying to knife or poison you, because it is rare to get pushed in battle, and they get determined. This gives you the opportunity to fire at them when you push enough distance between you and them. I have worked on this technique for a while to the surprise of my victims of this technique. I liken this technique to landing an airplane, if the landing doesnt look right, come in or go around for another pass till its lined up properly-meaning push someone away if your angle isnt right, or to keep someone in front of you so they cant knife your back, or till you have the advantage with the needle or knife.

6. Multitask - reload while moving or running over packs, push while priming a grenade, push while knifing and poisoning, heal while hiding or moving, take out your gun and start firing when the grenade you threw is still in the air. Multitask movements too-go forward and sideways at the same time, or forward and dive under water with crouch.

7. Dont be predictable against familiar foes -- Ive killed people many times by knowing their habits or tendencies to go certain routes or get to vantage points, or to wait

8. Learn timing kills -- At the start of some maps -- (fuel dump, oasis, Desert temple etc-ask for a demonstration via spec) you can time how soon enemys get to certain points on average no matter how fast they move. When you figure this out you can throw a grenade that explodes literally as it reachs the enemy, giving them no time to react. I first learned of this phenomenon years ago on another server, when a good player did this to me on oasis as axis at map start. Adjust the timing of your throw according to how fast you can get out of the spawn, and how fast you think the enemy might move, or for aggressive enemy types. Send a dynamite on a train to go off when most of the enemy might be boarding. Kill enemys based on spawn time so they will have to wait a whole spawn clock--wait that extra second to kill someone till the cycle flips.

9. Two for one gun ammo/exploit cabinets --- Use up all the ammo in your gun knowing you have another gun you are standing by when your bullets run out, but you cant pick up both because one gun is axis and one gun is allies. Use both and know when the gun will fade away with time

10. Utilize crouch and prone more if you dont use them much at all.

11. Learn that good players can tell how injured you are after you back off of a fire fight, and they will chase you to finish those last few shots they need to kill you. If you can heal quick run away, but if not, then you are better off firing at them as cover fire for yourself to get to a safer place to heal. Once you turn your back to heal you are shot dead usually. Good players will not let you heal for very long.

12. Surprise people from angles they wont expect, or from vantage points they cant match up to right away. Hiding is fun when you use it to sneak up on your victims. Confusion kills people too.

13. Knowing when a player is priming a nade behind a corner or object waiting for you to follow them or take a look around. Know how many nades a player has left. If they throw a nade at you and miss, they might be priming up another one, and may have even picked up more ammo on the ground or near packs

14. Draw fire on purpose for a distraction or if you want to be chased or hunted to set them up for a trap.

15. Learn a little bit of trick jumping to see what is possible, or spec someone jumping or moving

16. Learn to hit/hold crouch exactly as you land on something. There are spots, areas, ledges, and vantage points only accessible using crouch, or holding crouch to stick to a spot, or land. Tough to master but useful when you get the hang of it.

17. Listen to sounds -- Sounds that will help you, keep you alive, or give you knowledge of the enemy. Sounds like pack absorption, satchels bouncing, nades falling, mortars floating in air or from tube of mortar in area. Water sounds - swimming/jumping in/breath/drowning noises. Footsteps have helped kill so many enemys. Knifing sounds/gibbing sounds. Learn to walk silent nearer to the enemy at the same time they are making footsteps. Doors opening make noise-learn to open a door without making much sound versus opening it fast or kicking it open in some mods. I love killing people that tell me where they are with a door opening. Headphones have helped my game since I first started with open air speakers. Judging sound direction and distance is also important. Turn off those mp3s to hear better.

18. Tweak cfg, binds, name colors and characters - I found a new love of this game a while back after really learning to mess with settings and graphic features such as no brass, no gibs and much more

19. Body block -- A player physically has to go thru you to get somewhere, so learn to block people in while your priming a nade for them, or close off a passage or window, or staircase. Also stand in front of firing so you block the engineer on your team diffusing dynamite at the wall etc. You can also push people around--see multitasking - It will sometimes make an enemy shoot his way thru his own teammate to get to you using his teammate to body block the fire. Invincibility hiding is nice when you have a clueless player as a sheild between you and firing of your enemys. Corpses block bullets from your gun, or toward or thru the corpse.

20. Resist firing at easy targets if you know itll get you killed or draw enemys by your gun flash or firing sounds. Dont hit the first guy running into view, wait and hit the middle tough guys or medics who then cant kill you when it is time to finally fire at the first target again. You can let your own teammates draw a little fire to see where enemys are at or aiming from, then heal them or fire back.

21. Resist jumping onto that tank turret or submg gun when you know someone is eyeing and has cross hairs lined up on turret area. Instead move the tank until it is under fire or is disabled

22. Leaning is under used by everyone -- See around corners, hide in funny spots or positions, use it to get peoples attention instead of typing or moving around.

23. Go for the big kills -- Throw a nade that might kill 5 instead of going for a gun and maybe killing a few once they hear fire and scatter.

24. Dont inherit an enemy. If you see someone running from the scene past you , chances are they saw someone possibly priming a nade or a whole bunch of enemys running towards your area. Follow suit and maybe think there is danger for you also. Trick the approaching enemys by running at them when the last guy they saw ran away from them.

25. Odds - Know you can't always finish a kill. I used to chase an enemy to get those last hit points gone, but sometimes its better to let them go if you can change your aim to another more important area and not get killed by turning your back. If you let an enemy go that you almost killed and they run into a group of medics, then do not follow if your drained of health at all because they will most likely hide out amongst medics and packs and youll have fresh healthed enemys to deal with.

26. Harvest kills -- Sometimes you can herd kills like cattle. Hang out at packs/cab areas or so you can see spawn invincibilities go away. Do dmg where dmg is unavoidable, like choke points with fire or mg guns, or nades into a crowd of people at headshot height.

27. Stand in a pile of packs knowing youll take damage, and absorb the packs right away -- Its like another form of adrenaline. Pile up packs at someones feet, like mg gunners, or for yourself.

28. Adrenaline - Dont use adrenaline till the last second. Adrenaline is most protective a split second after injecting it, but if you wait another split second longer the damage is a lot different. You can survive panzers at close range like this, and people are astonished that you didnt die while your busy killing them, but if you use adrenaline too early, that same panzer shot will kill you. I see so many people using adrenaline way early or in no enemy presence and they arent trick jumping or moving too fast. Dont be afraid to carry the adrenaline out and not use it till its needed or till last second. I see many people take the adrenaline out and have to use it since they took it out or at the time they take adrenaline out. Take damage on purpose when adrenalized--run over a mine field, jump on a nade, take on invincibility from spawners near a flag.

29. Crossfire the enemy, cover fire for team mates

30. Consider firefights to be like dogfights in airplanes--The movements can be the same as far as diving(prone/crouch), Rolling and barrell rolls(strafe/leaning)-- If you move correctly in certain situations, then its like Top Gun(movie) and you have an angle they cant match. Rpms adjustments are like using speed bursts.

31. Forward isnt always the best option for movement. Try going sideways more while your shooting or shoot while running backwards

32. Learn to catch someone reading you. Meaning -- good players will wait you out till you make a mistake. They will wait to prime that nade up or chase you until you slip up, or make a sound giving away your location etc. Also you can tell if you are being set up or led into a trap, example chasing someone who drops a nade at their feet

33. Mouse - get rid of that 2 button mouse, or corded mouse. Your game starts to improve with a multi buttoned mouse which you map right. Wireless/Laser mouse. New options- for instance being able to use your free thumb on your mouse hand for packs or heal needle, versus default key 5 and 6 -- I recommend Logitech MX610 I think is the model number

34. Gib the enemy/goodplayers/engineers/panzers - before they are healed. If you havent the time at least throw a nade down.

35. Go out fighting. Dont die with your gun full, or all your nades that could have cleared out the whole area. If your gonna die die with your boots on.

36. Delay your death to a convenient time. Die when the spawn timer is about to reset so you wont wait at all til respawn. plan an attck around not dying full timer, but dying at last spawn timer seconds. Delay your death long enough to be of use to your team.

37. Kamikazee - kill many enemy when you know your gonna die--take out 3 enemys for your one death. Nades primed to 4.5 then self kill before you explode, leaving a ticking grenade behind to deal with. Get a flag for the team while carrying a primed nade.

38. Knowing when to go for a headshot(s), or just make firing contact against the enemy the best you can. If you consiously aim for heashots versus just hitting a target it has a crippling effect, but you risk dying if you miss a smaller target like the headshots when a lot of body shots add up.

39. DMG adds up -- sometimes spreading damage to a mass of enemy players is better than putting all the damage onto a few. Sometimes pick the tactic of Damaging 10 enemys at once with an explosive of some kind, versus killing 2 completely into gibbed state with a panzer etc. Dmg takes time to heal, packs/resources. Weaken the enemy to help a teammate get a kill. FIll in the gaps of your teammates strikes. Throw a nade a split second after your teammate does. Start firing when your teammates gun runs out to pick up the slack.

40. Back into cabinets. Most newer players dont do this. This will help you keep an eye on the enemy who may be approaching. Put your back up against the cabinets to absorb the health or ammo packs versus looking straight at them while gathering what you need.

41. Train your ear to react when you hear an enemy panz warm up, or rifle nade shoot. Jump as soon as you hear this sound. This will keep you alive more times than not doing it at all. Its like you know you are going to get hit, but there is a chance that by jumping you will survive with a sliver of health left. Jumping usually saves you as you go flying from the explosion. If you dont jump, you get splattered usually. This gives you extra chances to live. Also you could inject adrenaline at the second you hear a panz warm up or rifle nade shoot at you, and combine adrenaline with jump to dodge or dissipate some damage.

42. Know where Safe spots are -- Where the enemy cant shoot you or see you from any angle. This will give you extra cover, since you cant see at all angles at once

43. Choose an enemy - If you have a choice of who to shoot at or kill, make it a strategic one. If you shoot/kill the panzer that might save you and your teammates or a destructable from a lot of extra damage versus someone with a regular gun. Choose to shoot the engineers that the team relies on to complete some objectives.

44. Distract, Confuse, Disrupt the enemy -- Create diversions strategically. Smoke a room as cov, and they cant see where they are going, or see you. Get an enemy to chase you to keep them away from teammates who may be weakened, or who are busy and may not see the enemy.

45. Learn to get team mates attention - push, shoot, lean, crouch, prone, move the mouse up and down, left or right so it looks like you are nodding and your arms move -- sometimes with all the noise, locations, vsays sounds, etc, If you call for ammo or meds, people may not see you or hear you. Or they might think its a player on other side of the map. You can get their attention with a push, or if they are medics, or a medic is around, then you can shoot a shot into them to get their attention. Its a teambleed but acceptable to a medic in no danger, and can heal with time or a health pack. Remember when you speak that a ! exclamation mark appears over your head, so that may help. If a rookie doesnt acknowledge you at all or is in a daze, and you know they have plenty of ammo or health to give you, or they are too busy looking thru binocs to heal or supply you, then you may have to teamkill them for their ammo or health. They will then remember to be more courteus next time.

46. Decisions, Timing, Choices - Sometimes killing or being killed is all about random events. Sometimes you are being hunted, sometimes you get shot in the back, or get to shoot someone in the back, or you may run into an enemy with low health. People shoot you from across the map, or at angles you cant anticipate. Wrong place at the wrong time. You might be running near a teammate throwing a grenade, when they get killed, and the nade falls to the ground under their body, and you dont see when it explodes as you are near. You may be in a hurry to catch someone as they let you run by without you seeing them, and then they are chasing you now.

47. Learn map hiding spots that are commonly used. So when you pass by that spot or area, you can say to yourself chances are there is an enemy there behind that wall, door, up on the ledge, behind the box, under the stairs, down the hall, on the hill, or within listening distance, where all they have to do is to travel for a bit to reach you.

48. Aim your shots ahead of a running target so that they arrive at a point that your bullets arrive at. Guess kill people with nades, guns, and explosives. Sometimes you get lucky and turns out there is someone hiding where you thought they were or they arrived at a point you predicted by the time you start firing or throw a nade. Random dynamites are a scary thing to deal with since you dont know the time it was set. As an engineer this could give you random kills, and buy time for your team, and add an area that enemys are scared to go thru.

49. Safety in numbers - Stay close to ammo or health, or good players who can help you, or compliment your skills with theirs. Run to spawners that have fresh ammo and health. Memorize cabinet locations. Dont take on the army by yourself unless the plan is strategic, or too draw fire or waste their ammo on you - If you get 10 players to fire away versus only one player aiming at you, then thats less ammo they have to damage anyone else, plus time and resources to heal, or resupply ammo, and that means less offense from the enemy for a while.

50. Hop on ice -- if you start sliding too much on ice, then hop and rotate and go forward to stop your momentum in the opposite direction.

51. If you are gonna jump onto an enemies tank, then make sure it is almost damaged fully, because after you are overtaken, then they still have a tank to move. Get the tank health down to a sliver and save that last grenade to disable it as the enemy approaches, and after the tank firing isnt useful anymore.

52. If a teammate is riding an enemy tank, then make sure to throw grenades under tank, or at bottom of tank to disable or damage it. This lets your teammate ride the tank and use it and you can still dmg the tank without hurting your teammate. Ive seen too many new players throw nades on top of tank when teammates are riding.

53. Gib mg guns with your knife. Yes u can damage an mg gun by knife. Sick of getting hit with an mg gun pointed at you. When an enemy is using it a lot, then get to it and knife it repeatedly till it gibs and disables it. A lot of players dont know you can dmg an mg gun by knife.

54. Switch classes at the right time. Jump into the uni of a dead engineer that was trying to diffuse. Or pick up your dead teammates uni so you can use that panzer at a group of enemies.

55. Mines - make mines harder to jump over, by placing one in the spot that someone would most likely jump to from jumping over mines. Use mines in choke points, and space them out.

56. Health / Ammo Packs can be thrown or bounced off an object to absorb them faster -- If you are in the water and you try to give yourself packs, then they just drop down under the water until you dive to the bottom to get them -- Instead position your body so that the packs bounce off of the wall, or side of whatever is containing the water. You can drop packs at the same time you are moving, so you absorb them one by one, or you can do the risky way, and throw your packs into a pile, then absorb the whole pile at once, while hopefully getting a chance to move over onto the waiting and piled packs before an enemy finds you weakened.

57. Grab that flag at 2 or 3 seconds left to let your team spawn ahead. If you capture the flag with too much time left, the other team may hear it, and rush into the room to capture it back again with time to spare. Its so tempting to just grab the flag at first approach, but if you wait it out till the last second, you make sure your team spawns without a few more seconds left for the enemy to get the flag back in time. Usually there is an enemy within earshot of a flag area, just waiting for such an attempt. Carry a partially primed nade into a flag area, ready to explode with just enough time to look around and figure what your gonna do with the nade that is primed. Get the flag and leave a nade behind in a crowded room.

58. Suicides/Kamakaze helps the team - you carrying a primed nade into a room full of enemies may kill 3 or more of them to your one death. Self kill to get ahead to a spawn faster. If you can kill off the best players, you make room for your teammates to work. Immediately aim for the medic, or the engineer.

59.Guard your own dyno -- nothing like an engineer going to try to diffuse a planted dyno, only to find out he has to battle another engineer guarding against a diffusing engineer.

60. Body block shots that would gib/kill a teammate that you are going to revive/help. I usually stand my body against an engineer that is planting or diffusing so if anyone shoots towards the eng, then I would take the hits and not him.

61. Learn a smaller section of a map at a time--get good at battling in a comfortable area that you know or have success at -- There is a saying...."pick the low lying fruit first"...... Hang out around certain areas and choose to fight there where you know the surroundings better. Like a spider who constantly respins the web - IE resets the trap

62. Milk it / Dont overMilk it -- You will notice some good players staying at certain spots as a habit cause they get easy kills there, and they keep going back to it to "milk it", well when you realize people are starting to catch on to what your doing, then decide to pack up and go somewhere else. You kill a lot of people and they will talk while waiting to respawn saying stuff like "watch that mg gun pointed at you on way out of spawn" or "dont go out that door" -- so change up tactics. Many times after I figured out a pattern a player was doing, and next time out going to the same spot for revenge, they are gone.

63. Use same tricks on a different wave of spawners -- Its a new death to each different player but you can kill them all the same way--(relates to #62 a bit)

64. Hug walls - stay close to the side --- for camoflage reasons/to blend in to an object, or to get a wider view -- combine prone or crouch while hugging or staying close to a wall.. I like to prone next to a wall--so not only are you prone which is harder to see, but you blend into wall, and are out of sight of main traveling thru area.

65. Dont leave unused packs for the enemy to get to. Some of your players will go for a med/ammo pack you drop, some teammates will run right by it. Throw packs at someone so they have no choice but to absorb it.. Many times I have thrown med packs at someones feet and all they had to do is to step over to packs, instead they get caught in a fight or dont see what you threw them and they will die with packs within range.. So instead throw at them. I make it a habit to drop packs on way out of spawn, but not more than the players will absorb or need or notice. I even push my teammates into packs I threw if they dont notice them or respond to me right away.

66. Get a better view - go certain ways in a map because you can see better or wider that way. No use fighting someone suddenly when you have an opportunity to see people approaching from a distance, enabling you to make a plan, gauge their approaching speed, and possibly set a trap.




You can find more information concerning 50+ Tips and Tricks on the forum Bunker Gaming

or contact directly PROWND for more explanation.