Welcome to the |>B<|unker Gaming Community WIKI

What is the Bunker Gaming Community?

The community is a sizable group of individuals from all over the world who share a common interest in playing Enemy Territory. The name Bunker is used as a reference the servers on which the game is hosted as well as to refer to the community of players on those servers. There are recognized members of the community who can be identified by the bunker tag, |>B<|, which proceeds their name. (ie: |>B<|Belzebub)

The Bunker servers are open servers which invite guests to come and play with members of the community. Guests who play frequently on the Bunker servers and who consistently enhance the environment with their skill and sportsmanship eventually get invited to become a member of the community. There is no way to ‘apply’ to become a member and asking for membership is highly frowned upon.

About This WIKI

Once you’ve registered you can begin contributing to this collaborative effort. Registered users can update the individual Map Tutorials, the Dictionary, and ET Resources pages. Bunker members can add to and update all but the rules pages.

Please add content and make corrections and enhancements that you believe will make this WIKI a more useful tool. When you see a FIXME icon then you know that the content needs to be updated and/or filled in. Finally, don’t be alarmed if your work gets reformatted from time to time... the WIKI admins browse the pages and update them to give them all the same look and feel.

Want to help, but you don’t know how to use the WIKI? Try doing some editing in our playground where you won’t accidentally hurt any of the content. You can also read up on the WIKI Syntax for details on how to do links, tables, and other special formatting. Of course, you’ll need to register first.

If you need to ask questions or you see something that you would like to be changed that you cannot change hit Alfdoh up with a Private Message.


Bunker Information

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